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Great job, this app is very functional. I had a problem with application which was always in startup and I couldn't delete this. WiseFixer repaired it easy:) Thanks !

SteveWoods - New York, US

Thank you for being there when technical support is needed by your clients.

RogerCole - San Francisco, US

Your product performance is very excellent. WiseFixer™ has saved my time and my Dell. Really easy and fast! I just want to say thanks.

DavidHalley - Illinois, US

Great thanks to WiseFixer™! After re-installing my operating system, I have been able to restore the drivers of my whole PC system successfully without missing anything. WiseFixer™ can even help automatically update all drivers to improve performance of my computer now. Really LOVE YOU - WiseFixer™!

Michael C. - NY, US

New life for an old PC
"I had an old Pentium IV kicking around that I wanted to put Vista on for the kids. Instead of finding each driver one by one I used the WiseFixer™ exporter and got the whole system set up in about 15 minutes. Money well spent, especially since I can do it again at any time."

HENRY - Wisconsin, US

The software fix 50+ problem from my computer,HAHA!

Jen Finer - France

My brother bought me a new Vista system, and ever since I have had problems with some of my hardware. I saw WiseFixer™, and decided to give it a try. Ever since, the Vista and my hardware have been working great. Thanks!

Opinion Easy

Thanx so much for answering my E-Mail , you have been a great help. My computer is a Dell and 5 yrs. old, With your help my computer is now running like the day I bought it. The WiseFixer™ software has been a blessing. I'm 73 yrs. old & need all the blessings I can get.

Jaie Lee , US

I wasn't sure what was wrong with my sound card. Ever since upgrading to Vista it was having errors. After running WiseFixer™, everything is back to normal.

Kim - Germany